<Introduction of Our Office>

Kamome (seagull in English) is a symbol mark of Kanagawa prefecture.  Kanagawa prefecture has the historically famous “Yokohama Port” which is also called as an oceanic front gate of Japan.  In this historical place, our new office has been opened since the beginning of 2018.  We put such a unique name as “Kamome” to our new office because we really want to fly high into the sky.  In other words, we sincerely hope to offer our professional services to our clients not only in Japan but also in the world.


<Mission of Kamome Patent Attorneys Office>

1.Fusion of Tradition and Newness

We are starting our new office with a small group of patent attorneys who have different backgrounds (i.e., different experiences and knowledges).  Each patent attorney has his own long-possessed way of thinking (some being conventional and others new), and/or unique ideas.  All of us are constantly exchanging opinions based on our individually different thought processes.


“Friendliness” is one of the highest mottoes of us.  With this motto in mind, all of us are training hard to improve our communication skills in order to obtain our clients’ full confidence and satisfaction.   

3.Global Activities

Intellectual property is borderless.  It is our firm determination that we always try our best to protect our clients’ borderless intellectual property rights so that they are fully protected from both practical and legal view points.


“Kamome” consists of three syllables, i.e., Ka, Mo and Me.

   Ka is the first syllable of Kao (“face” in English).  By this, we are trying to mean that we are always very pleased to speak to our clients while watching their eyes.

   Mo is likewise the first syllable of Motsu (“possess” in English).  By this, we are trying to mean that we want to provide such a wholesome intellectual property right that our clients are eager to possess it.

   Me is also the first syllable of Mezasu (“aim” in English).  By this, we are trying to mean that we always aim to attach a “uniqueness” to each invention.


Scenery of Yokohama where our office is located

<Introduction of Our Patent Attorneys>

Shigeto Arai (Reg. No. 18041)

Through practice in a patent office, he obtained both domestic and international business knowledge in connection with intellectual property.  He considers that it is very important to make a friendly communication with his clients.  He wishes he could always provide the best possible advice to each of his clients based on his own experiences.

Biography:  2018-now     Kamome Patent Attorneys Office
                  2018            Supplementary note of specific infringement lawsuit counsel
                  2013-2018   Arai Patent Law Office
                  1998-2013    Worked in a patent office located in Japan

Toshio Kobayashi (Reg. No. 19424)

It is his firm belief that the best written-patent specification can be made by squeezing out a wisdom from one’s knowledge, and a hint of the wisdom can be obtained through one’s conversation with the inventor(s).

Biography:  2018-now     Kamome Patent Attorneys Office
                  2014-2018   Kobayashi Patent Office
                  1977-2014   Worked in a patent office located in Japan
                  1974-1977   Worked in a machine design department of a shipyard